Online Tutoring

An Intro to BitPaper …interacting online

I’ve recently learned of a tool that is so helpful for online math tutoring, but could also help anyone who wants to write or draw and share it over the internet. Your grandchild could send you a picture. You can help your child practice handwriting on a 5 minute break at work. Your uncle could help you with homework (you snip parts of the assignment and paste it on the board). You and a friend could make a collaborative sketch. You could play Pictionary with friends while in quarantine!!!! And so on. It’s super easy to learn and free.

It’s online (nothing to download) but you will probably want to set up a free account.

Here’s my video tour of BitPaper. For some reason (maybe because Zoom was glitchy…I’d assume because of quarantine overuse!) when I share my screen, it is black for a while. You miss me clicking “Create Paper” and the buttons at the bottom as I push numbers on my keyboard, but it will pop up soon, so be patient.

I only use 2 tools…one is earbuds so I don’t risk any feedback or echo on Zoom. And a fine-point stylus that makes it so easy to write on a touch screen with BitPaper. Mine has two ends, but I like the end with the clear, flat disc that lets me see what I’m doing. Surprisingly, as useful as these are, I’ve never seen these for sale in person. Here’s stylus I have:

So let me know how you decide to interact with this shared white board! I think I’m going to try Pictionary! 🙂 Enjoy.

Updated: Because of being overwhelmed with new users, Bitpaper is going to a subscription service to keep itself running, but you can create one free paper per month on the free subscription and you can open a lot of tabs (more than 30) and erase or reset to reuse.

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